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New Designs Added to Our Zazzle Store!

Do you ever just want to declare loudly that you do not have the Cortisol to deal with this sh*t? Well, now you can! Plus, every purchase you make through our Zazzle Storefront helps keep this website live. We greatly appreciate your support. You can check out all of our . . . Read more

Where can I purchase Cloth Face Coverings for COVID-19?

By this point, the ample data behind wearing a cloth face covering has been made available to the public. Wearing a cloth face covering should not be seen as a political statement. Rather, it is a statement of compassion for your fellow human being. If you would like to support . . . Read more

What are Some Common Cortisol Pump Misconceptions?

Are you interested in the cortisol pump? Perhaps you have heard some scary stories about it and are not sure what to believe. Below, we have compiled our answers to some of the most common pump misconceptions. If you think we have forgotten one, please contact us and we shall . . . Read more

Who Else Is Writing About The Cortisol Pump?

We understand that the Cortisol Pump can seem overwhelming and intimidating. That is why we have shared words of wisdom from other pumpers, but sometimes it is helpful to read about the experiences of those who are out living life with their cortisol pumps. Below are some bloggers that you . . . Read more

Where Can I Learn More about the Cortisol Pump?

The following sources were used in the production of this guide, and are valuable educational resources for pumpers and medical providers alike. There is a wealth of information already available, and no doubt there will be much more in the coming years as cortisol pumping becomes more widely used. Barola, . . . Read more