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Category: Getting Started

How do I Get a Cortisol Pump?

If you are interested in pump therapy and would like to speak with your doctor about starting the cortisol pump, first you must educate yourself about the cortisol pump. Begin with familiarizing yourself with the models of insulin pumps. Be Prepared. Make an appointment to discuss the pump with your . . . Read more

What do I Need for my Cortisol Pump?

At a most basic level, in order to use the cortisol pump, you need an infusion pump filled with Solu-Cortef. The pump should be programmable, as most insulin pumps are (VGo patch pumps are not suitable for cortisol pumping). Which type of pump you select will determine which supplies you . . . Read more

What Type of Cortisol Pump Should I Use?

Any type of programmable infusion pump can function as a cortisol pump. The main functions cortisol pumpers need are programmable basal and bolus features. The most common insulin pumps also make great cortisol pumps.