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How do I Protect my Cortisol Pump while Tanning?

Though tanning itself poses some risks to your health, some pumpers do opt to tan. Below are some tips on how to protect your cortisol pump while tanning.

It is safe to tan with Omnipod. It does not affect the pods. It has not been tested with spray tans. Use at your own risk.

Tubed pumps are rather inconvenient to tan with. UV rays can potentially degrade the Solu-Cortef. A potential work around would be to disconnect the pump, however this leaves the pumper without cortisol for the duration of the tanning session.

For short sessions, one could bolus prior to disconnecting. Sessions lasting longer than 30 minutes might lead to low cortisol symptoms in some pumpers. In general, pumpers should try not to have their pump disconnected for more than an hour without a back-up cortisol replacement method.

Spray tans are safe if the pump is disconnected and out of the spray booth.


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