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How do I “convince” my doctor to give me a pump?

If you would like to speak with your doctor about starting the cortisol pump, first it’s a good idea to educate yourself about the different models of insulin pumps currently available and how they can be utilized to deliver Solu-Cortef to treat adrenal insufficiency. Make an appointment to discuss the pump with your doctor. Bring research about the cortisol pump with you to the appointment, better yet, send this information to your doctor before the appointment so he or she has time to review it. Please do not try to “convince” your doctor to do anything they are not comfortable doing. Managing pump therapy patients presents unique challenges and will require a lot of learning on both your part, as well as your doctor’s. If your doctor is unwilling or unable to take on this challenge, it would be a mistake to talk them into it anyway. You need a willing and supportive doctor as an ally in order to succeed with utilizing a pump to deliver your Solu-Cortef.

For more information please see the “How do I get a pump?” Section.