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How do I Protect my Older Cortisol Pump?

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While we would like to believe that everyone is able to use the newest pump technology, that is not always feasible. Older model pumps such as Medtronic 500 series, Medtronic 700 series, or Animas pumps are still fairly common. While the functionality is basically the same with respect to cortisol pumping, users must exerciser extra precautions in protecting their older model pumps from damage.

Older model Medtronic pumps are water resistant, but not water proof. This is a significantly important distinction. They should be protected from water or sweat. Keep in mind older pumps may have become cracked or scratched over time, and may not have any moisture resistance if they have been damaged.

Animas pumps are water proof when shipped from the factory. But as with any pump, if it has been cracked or damaged in some way, it may not have any moisture resistance.

Items such as the Aquapac can help increase the water resistivity of the older model pumps. But please keep in mind even the manufacturer of the Aquapac does not recommend continuous immersion.

Older model pumps are generally out of warranty and are unlikely to be replaced by the manufacturer. If you want to use an out of warranty pump, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep it safe. And please always have a backup treatment plan.


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